We want to engage the Comox Valley community in one Sunday afternoon where we get to use our roads for more than just cars. Let’s close some carefully selected streets in the Comox Valley and have bikes, scooters, walkers, and PEOPLE instead of cars on them!

Don’t get too worried - its one Sunday afternoon and we will only do it from 1 pm to 5 pm. Emergency services routes will be maintained and the public will get a chance to comment.

There will be a closed loop of streets in Courtenay and Cumberland - view the maps at: http://imaginecomoxvalley.ca/

WE WILL NEED VOLUNTEERS!! As many as 200 total - 100 per 2 hour shift. To sign-up go to: www.imaginecomoxvalley.ca.

WE WANT BANDS - having live music along the routes would be awesome.

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