We proudly use a Synesso espresso machine, because…

“The machine undoubtedly puts out the best espresso I have ever tasted. I am finally tasting the subtle notes that other writers describe in their reviews…tastes of liquor, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate and other flavors jump out”.

Fred Mushkat
Roaster Charlotte, VT

Mark Barnett, the owner of Synesso, left La Marzocco after a decade of work at the cutting edge of coffee. He wanted to make a stake of his own and try to do something that had so far eluded and infuriated espresso machine makers across the globe. We’ll let David Schomer, owner of Espresso Vivace explain the problem.

“To prepare consistent espresso, stable brewing water temperature is the one factor that has been lacking until this moment in time. For me, the creation of this machine marks the beginning of caffe espresso as a culinary art”.

Ok you may not think of coffee as culinary art but it’s nice to know the guys making the machines are taking it this serious.

What Synesso did was to isolate each group head and allow consistent temperature throughout the shot to an accuracy of half a degree. This may not sound so important but before then, temperature readouts were a series of spikes and dips, akin to a seismological survey. It would be like cooking with an oven that changes its temperature - sure it gets the job done, but when you’re in the business of making great coffee, customers deserve better.

From there new developments were brought on board, not so much in leaps and bounds but in slow painstaking detail. Consistent pre-infusion was a big innovation, essentially the act of soaking the puck before the application of pressure to create an absolute even swell and amend any defects in the preparation of the coffee cake.

Check out the Synesso website or peruse the blogosphere, we feel certain the more research you undertake the better Synesso will sound and the more confident you’ll feel about our coffee.

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